A positive attitude is an essential attribute when it comes to motivating and leading your team, which is why taking care of your mental health and practising well-being is critical.  

Taking a positive preventative approach to your well-being can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, so that issues don’t become too much and leave you feeling unable to cope.

To celebrate Well-being Week 2020, I’ve put together a list of eight tips to help you take the steps needed to keep your well-being in check. 


A good night’s sleep can help us feel refreshed, energised and less stressed, which is why a continuous lack of sleep is detrimental to our health.

If you’re finding it hard to sleep and it’s affecting your mood and mental health, allow yourself to figure out why by journaling what is keeping you awake.

By keeping tabs on your thoughts and feelings, you will be able to identify your sleep issues and work to break the pattern of what is keeping you up at night.

If after journaling, you find that you need medical support, get it. 

Stay hydrated

Drinking water keeps us alive, and staying hydrated can help to remove unwanted toxins from the body, as well as reduce headaches and mood swings.

If you’re feeling fatigued and bogged down, top up your water levels. 

Guidelines state that 2 litres (8-10) glasses are the ideal amount to drink daily. If you find yourself forgetting, invest in a water bottle to carry around with you to remind yourself to drink. 

Make time for yourself

Being a leader can be overwhelming, leaving us with the urge to complete work when and wherever possible.

Not only can this, stop you from switching off, it also leaves you with little focus on your hobbies and personal enjoyments.

To ensure you make time for yourself, set dedicated times for work and play. By doing so, you will become more focused with work tasks; stopping them from spilling over into time meant for you.

You’ll also get more joy from switching off and focusing on activities that bring you joy. 

Talk to a friend 

There’s truth in the old age saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

If you’ve got something on your chest, give a friend a call and let it all out. Talking to friends is a great way to get support outside of work, as well as catching up with the people that matter to you the most. 

Friends have a great way of being supportive, making you laugh and giving you a different perspective on issues you may be having. 

If time is tight and you find it hard to break away from work, make sure you schedule in a phone call, coffee or lunchtime catch up in advance, so you know you’ve carved out the time needed to escape. 

Reduce digital distractions 

It’s all too easy to respond to every notification that pops up. Those little notifications dots are enough to set your teeth on edge. 

Do yourself a favour and disable those push notifications. Be in charge of when it’s appropriate to tackle your digital notifications and tasks related to them.  

Practice mindfulness 

No will blame you for getting carried away with the hustle and bustle of life, but practising mindfulness can help you focus on the present moment; decreasing stress and increasing focus.

A few mindfulness activities include:

  • Meditation
  • Set an intention for your day
  • Yoga
  • Drawing
  • Connect with nature
  • Mindful eating (connecting with tastes and textures of food.) 



Increasing your heart rate and getting your body moving is a great way to enhance your mental alertness. 

Working out for an hour three times is recommended to boost memory, self-esteem, mood and reduce stress. However, if you find yourself struggling to find the time a 10 to 20-minute walk will make an impact.  

Squeezing this in twice a day can give you the time to clear your mind and get your body moving.  

Learn something new  

Learning something new can be just the distraction you need to take your mind of work issues and reduce stress.

Why not try a new course that you’ve always thought about but never dared to do. There are plenty of opportunities and benefits to doing something new, be brave and go for it.   

You work best when you’re feeling confident and happy.   

Take care x


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