Everything you need to know about Twitter Hours

Twitter Hours (or Twitter Chats as they are sometimes known) are a tool that help users build online communities on Twitter.

They exist to help Twitter users share information and promotions around a specific industry, location or theme and are set to run for  an hour on any given day.

Hours are defined by a hashtag and are searchable via Twitter’s search bar.

Anyone taking part within a Twitter Hour, will use a specified hashtag that has been created to connect with others adding the same hashtag to their tweets.

An example

#BrumHour takes place every Sunday between 8pm to 9pm.

#BrumHour is open to all UK businesses and freelancers across the UK  to connect with Birmingham; giving them the opportunity to share information and connect with the city prior to their arrival when visiting or moving to the city.

To take part, attendees use the hashtag #BrumHour to join the conversation and get retweets from the official Brum Hour Twitter account.

They also  connect and retweet tweets of other businesses and individuals taking part in the hour.

Twitter Hours are a great way to build relationships and awareness of your brand.


Best practice.

Twitter Hours are a great way to network with other businesses and individuals online, as well as promote your services on a regular basis.

When it comes to partaking in an hour  (or two, or three for that matter…There are a lot!) there are a few things that you may want to consider doing, and not doing , to ensure you get the most out of the hour. Here’s a few tips to help you get started:

  • Don’t just post about yourself and not do anything else. The aim of a Twitter Hour is to connect, engage and help other businesses out too, so remember to like and retweet other people’s tweets.
  • Build relationships by commenting and making conversation with other people joining in. You never know where your new found friendship might lead.
  • Share information about your business and services but don’t say the same thing over and over again or be too salesy. This is a networking event where people want to know about you, but can also  can see what you’re saying, so be creative with how you promote yourself and your business.
  • Don’t post about yourself and leave after 5 minutes. You’ll not achieve anything by doing this.
  • Attend regularly. We all have lives to lead but to ensure you are remembered it’s a good idea to get involved in the same Twitter Hour on a regular basis.
  • Don’t schedule/automate tweets to Twitter Hours. The purpose of attending a Twitter Hour is that all individuals are taking part ‘live,’ so conversations are had in real time.
  • Be yourself and have fun. This is your opportunity to show your personality and connect with others so enjoy.
  • Don’t be negative or say anything you wouldn’t say to anyone face to face. I needn’t say more on this.



Hours can be hard to find, which is why I’ve created a list of location based Twitter Hours that you can use to promote your business.

All Twitter Hours within this cheat sheet are linked to official Twitter accounts.

I have chosen to only use hours with official Twitter accounts so you can contact the person in charge of the Twitter Hour if needs be.

There are plenty of Twitter Hours that are run with and without official Twitter accounts but it is often hard to track them down, as the Twitter Hour information (time and date it takes place) are hard to find.

As such, you may find other Twitter Hours that exist but this cheat sheet contains the most popular location based Twitter Hours.


To  receive your free cheat sheet containing details of official business Twitter Hours by location, complete the form below. 

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