Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Marketing in today’s business environment has changed drastically due to the rise of the Internet. As digital platforms become home to a number of diverse online communities and more importantly, potential customers, businesses are now encouraged to take steps to engage target markets and drive online sales; but does that mean using traditional offline marketing techniques are now considered old-hat?
In short, the answer is no, but what are the different types of traditional and digital marketing techniques and how can offline and online tools be used to convert your leads to sales?

Traditional Marketing

Print Marketing
Print marketing increases awareness of services, products and your brand by producing and distributing adverts, editorial and press releases via newspapers, trade magazines and billboards.

Direct mail
Direct mailing involves mailing company brochures, flyers, letters and business cards to specified target market to increase interest and produce leads.

Exhibitions & Conferences
Exhibitions and conferences are often overlooked but can be valuable tools that not only create leads for your business, but also can enable you to build relationships and increase brand awareness with customers and key influencers.
Traditional marketing can be perceived as expensive, time consuming and hard to measure, which is why it is good practice to create a follow up sales and benchmarking strategy. These types of strategies enable businesses to measure response rate and ROI, giving you the opportunity and insight to find out what works best for your business.

Digital Marketing
Website Management
Your company website is your businesses online home and showcases your services, products and brand. A good website is designed with the customer’s journey in mind and aims to engage, convert and retain your customers.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing involves utilising single or multiple social media platforms to distribute content that engages online audiences to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Email Marketing
Email marketing allows businesses to promote specified and personalised company messages to segmented target markets via email. Email marketing is a cost effective technique that can encourage a quicker response rate from target markets.

Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click
The aim of search engine optimisation is to drive your business to the primary pages of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo without using paid for services. Search engine optimisation is a long-term commitment that includes implementing techniques across a variety of digital platforms.

Pay per click marketing is designed to get your business to the top of search engines and drive traffic to your website, with the use of adverts that are paid for on per click basis. For example, when customers interacts (clicks) your advert.

Digital Advertising
Adverts can be designed and distributed across multiple websites and platforms with high visitor numbers to encourage brand awareness and sales conversions.
The benefits of digital marketing includes having access to analytics & insight of your marketing efforts, making it possible for you to manage, tweak & improve your activity in a succinct and timely manner.
In comparison, traditional marketing allows you to market to customers who require a tangible method of communication & do not have access to the Internet.
All in all, both traditional and digital marketing are valuable in their own right, but finding the right balance using a variety of traditional and digital methods on a trial and error basis, is key to gaining and retaining customers both on and offline.
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