What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an individual trained within a specialist field such as administration, business, marketing, finance etc, who is hired on a self employed or freelance basis. Their work involves completing a range of tasks or short to long term projects on a remote basis i.e. working from their own home or office.
For a number of business owners, the beauty of hiring a virtual assistant, provides them with the ability to utilise their time and energy to focus on managing and pushing other areas of their business, whilst being assured that tasks that require completion are being taken care of by someone with the know how.

History of the Virtual Assistant

The role of the Virtual Assistant was first introduced in the 1990’s as a result of the rise of technological developments, including the introduction of the internet and virtual document sharing tools. Since then the industry has exploded with an array of organisations clambering to help businesses and virtual assistants connect.

Recruiting a Virtual Assistant

As virtual assistants work on a remote basis, not all VA’s have met their employers 1:1.
This means that the internet is a business owners best friend when it comes to looking for a virtual assistant, as well as for virtual assistants looking to get hired. Facebook, Twitter and Linked in can be the first port of call for businesses and VA’s. There are also a number of specialist recruitment sites and companies who hire virtual assistants on a regular basis.


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