The Instagram Follow/Unfollow game

If you’ve never heard of the follow/unfollow game that people play on Instagram, it can be a pretty rude awakening. So, what is it, and why is it even a thing?

The first time you notice it is when you’ve created a published a post you’re proud of and gain a few likes, but more importantly a good number of new followers.

You feel satisfied and happy with the work that you’ve done until you realise, sometime later, that your follower count has dropped!

“How can this be? What did I do wrong?” 

Well, nothing. You are merely a victim of the Follow/Unfollow game.

To cut a long story short, some Instagram accounts follow a high number of other Instagramers in the hope that they will follow them back. They then unfollow your account to make their accounts better.

Their followers are high, but the number of people they follow is low, which gives the illusion of them being popular, good to follow and ‘important,’ so to speak.

Accounts, or shall I say people and bots that use this method have no interest in loyalty or building meaningful relationships with other Instagrammars. It’s all surface-level BS.

How do I know who to follow?

The best thing you can do is be human about making connections and follow people who you are interested in.

This includes following and building relationships with your target market and people who will be interested in your business offerings and what you have to say.

You will have a multitude of people that will follow you so that you will return the follow, only for them to drop you a few days later.

With this in mind, it’s OK to be selective about who you follow back.

If someone follows you, visit their profile and question their intentions. If they look like they will never interact with you, then you know that there’s no need to follow them.

Another thing to consider is that there will be Instagrammars being just as cautious as you are when it comes to following others, so the best way to get followers and keep them is to create content that appeals to them.

If you’re genuine about making connections, building relationships, creating content that reflects this and has people engaging with you, then you’ll shine no matter what.

Go forth and shine.

Forgot the unfollowers.

They’ve got nothing when it comes to creating a loyal following 🙂

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