Tagging other pages on Facebook


In the world of Facebook, ‘tagging’ another page refers to mentioning another page in your post to:

a) prompt a response that will increase engagement (e.g. comment or like on your post) from the page you have ‘tagged,’ who will receive a notification , from Facebook, informing them of your mention of them

b) gain exposure and increase awareness and the likelihood of engagement on your Facebook page from fans linked to the page  you have tagged in your post

How to tag another Facebook page?

You must first like the page you wish to tag in a post.

To tag a page in a post, go to create new post and add an @ symbol and then write the handle of the Facebook page your want to tag. For example; @idealdirections.

Tagging a page on FacebookOnce you begin writing the handle, a drop down list will appear with the page you are attempting to tag. Click the page and your tag will appear.

You can then continue composing the rest of your post and post as normal.

Note: Facebook pages can only tag other pages and are unable to tag individuals.

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