Does social media affect SEO ranking?

When it comes to search engine optimisation, just having a social media site wont directly increase your ranking in search engines, but there are a number of tasks that you can complete that can indirectly increase your visibility in search engines

The one thing to remember is that Google reads and indexes social media sites like a standard webpage, so it is looking for content that can help identify what your business offers.

Why content, engagement and link sharing matter

When you distribute content on social media, you do so by adding a link with content to your blog, You Tube channel etc. When users engage by sharing your post, they are helping you get noticed by Google. The reason for this is that firstly, you have managed to engage online users by providing them with valuable content. They then share this on social platforms. This is referred to as social sharing.

If your link gets noticed and shared on social media sites, it gets indexed quicker because it is relevant to real people. Social sharing of your link may also be picked up by other organisations/ bloggers and added to their sites, which improves backlinks to your site.

This builds authority with Google and as such, increases your chances of your social media sites showing up higher in search engines


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