Social Media Management and Training

Why Social media?

Using social media is a common aspect of life for individuals across the world.In the UK alone, the average number of users is 39 million, with estimates going up to 42 million by (source: Statista.)

With that in mind, global brands and business owners are implementing a number of  social media strategies across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in and many other platforms, to focus on connecting, engaging and building relationships with online audiences to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Parallel to that, customers are increasingly using social media platforms to seek out products and services that speak to them, provide great online customer service and respond  to their enquiries accordingly.

With that being the case,  and with social media algorithms and competition to consider, making your business stand out on social media is an effort in itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

How I can help you?

My goal is to ensure your social media channels are working for you and to do that, I will discuss your social media goals and identify who your audiences are and the best way to appeal to them using a variety of content.

If you are not yet on social media, I can offer full account set up to get you started. I will then distribute content and an ongoing review will be conducted to analyse the relevant metrics associated with your goals. Recommendations will be made and implemented to continue building and connecting with your online audiences.


If you’re not ready for a social media manager, fear not, social media training for you and/or your staff is also available.

To discuss social media management or training  you can schedule a call to discuss your social media goals in more detail.

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