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4 Week course

Helping charities and non-profits thrive using modern marketing techniques. 


What is ‘Wake Up & Smell The Income’ progamme? 

WUSI has been designed to help charity leaders prepare and execute a marketing strategy with knowledge and confidence.  

Throughout the coaching, you will discover: 

How to define your ideal donor

How to create messages to market your charity with confidence 

How to write content that will help you create connections with donors 

How to attract donors and build a community of individuals who will champion your course

How to manage Facebook, LinkedIn and your website to attract donors and increase donations


Here’s what participants have to say about it...

Michael Entree - CEO - Steps to your Healthy Future

Michael Entree - CEO - Steps to your Healthy Future

It’s the yellow brick road and we’re now on a journey thanks to Marieanne.

“This is my first online course and it’s got me doing things that I haven’t done for years and all for the good of the charity in terms of visibility.

It hasn’t been just setting up the group, it’s actually been modifying the page, opening up to other social media outlets, it’s getting me to ask questions in the meet up groups and it is an ongoing process.

We wouldn’t have done this beforehand so it’s great in terms of building confidence and motivation to crack on. It’s the yellow brick road and we’re now on a journey thanks to Marieanne.”

Deborah Slater - Fundraiser Black Country Women's Aid

Deborah Slater - Fundraiser Black Country Women's Aid

This alone has been gold for me

“The main thing that I’ve got is understanding who your ideal donor is because until you have that there’s no marketing. You’ve got to have that.

The importance Marieanne puts on that, along with putting a plan into action around finding, searching for and attracting your ideal donor is really eye opening.

This alone has been gold for me.”

What is the structure of the course?


The programme will take place over 4 weeks, consisting on a 1 hour group workshop taking place each week. 

Free bonuses include:

1. Access to recordings of your live coaching with Marieanne

2. Your own Marketing Plan to help you market and generate income for your charity forever!


Module 1 - Achieving goals & building a tribe of ambassadors

Your donors are important and so is understanding them. In this session we’ll get you starting with finding a tribe of donors that will champion your cause, and support you all the way.

Module 2 - Your messaging - instil action from your donators.

Here’s your chance to really sink your teeth into creating messages that will connect and get your donors motivated and supporting your cause.


Module 3 - Creating content and building your plan to make waves over the next year

Get to grips with how creating content and formulating a marketing plan that continues to keep your donors engaged.  

Module 4 - Onboard the digital train

Social media is a piece of cake when you know what you’re using it for.

Our last session will show you how to use the tools you need to get ahead online. It’s simple, straight forward and cuts through the digital confusion to give you clarity and confidence. 

Join me and get

Marketing with confidence 

Learn how to create and drive connections with your ideal donor  

Create a strategy that take you around 5 to 10 minutes a day to implement   

Learn how to create value driven content that creates an impact among your donors  

Increase your donations