Is success written in the stars?

Did you hear about Wolf Cukier? 

He’s the 17-year-old who discovered a new planet three days into his NASA internship and has been making headlines ever since.

When you hear a story like that the easiest go to thought to have is “what a lucky (insert expletive.) That kind of stuff would never happen to me”. 

But it all depends on your perspective. 

Wolf had placed himself at NASA through an internship, and it just so happens that he was the person to find that planet. 

When it comes to you, you’re at the helm of your charity, steering its direction, which means that:

👉 You’ve already opened yourself up to forces and opportunities outside of your control

👉 There are plenty of opportunities available but spotting them relies on your perspective

This is why it’s what happens and what you do next that counts.

What space will you be placing yourself in to achieve more?