What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a great way for non profit organisations to increase their presence by utilising adverts in Google’s search engine. The application is offered to non-profits that qualify for the service, thus providing charitable organisations with the ability to create Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts that appear at the top of Google’s search engine results. For clarity, Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is also known as search engine marketing.

Google Ad Grant

Google Ad Grants is a scaled down version of Google Adwords, which is used and paid for by businesses to promote their services and products to search engine users.

All results that appear as adverts within Google’s search engine results, are labelled as ads so that users are aware that the result have been paid for.

Businesses can pay a lot of money to ensure their website links appear at the top of search engine results, as they have the budget to do so.

As non-profits are often unable to afford to pay for adverts due to a lack of budget, Google offers qualifying non-profits with $10,000 (£7,590.35) per month, to create PPC adverts using Google Ad Grants.

How it works

Using both Google Adwords and Google Ad Grants involves selecting and paying for keywords that are relevant to your customer and organisation.  When a user searches for keywords linked to your advert, your website link (ad) will appear on the search engines first page of results.

This can maximise exposure and drive traffic to non profit organisations website to increase donations and awareness of a charity.


As businesses can afford to pay for an array of single and multiple keywords, Google have limited specific keywords non-profits can use, so that paying businesses are not competing with non profits for their advert linked to specific keywords.

As such, Google will contact the Google Ad Grants account holder to request that they remove specific keywords that are popular with paying businesses. Account holders are given a specified amount of time to remove the keywords linked to an advert before the account is suspended.

Google Ad Grant users are also required to log in at least once every 30 days so that it shows that they are using their account. Google will suspend an account if users do not follow these rules.

In addition to this, Google Ad Grant users don’t have access to display adverts, whereas paying Adword users do.

Is it worth it?

Using Google Ad Grants is a steep learning curve but it provides your non profit with a ton of free advertising that can be used to increase donations and awareness of your services. Once you have an idea of how to utilise the program, a few hours a week is all that’s required to keep it updated and in check.

In addition to the Google Ad Grants, you can also obtain access to a range of Google applications by registering your non-profit via the Google non-profits service. More information on these services will be available in due course.

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