What just happened?

If, like me, you were happily replying to a good bit of news on a friends Facebook post, when you noticed an animation pop up on your comment, then you may have been left wondering what it’s all about and if there are any other words and or sentences that would trigger an animation in Facebook.

Introducing Facebook Text Delights

I say introducing but they have been around for a while to be honest, but have been cropping up more recently.

After a bit of exploring I found that these animations are known as Facebook Text Delight and the following animations appear when using the following sentences:

“You’re the best” – A Flying Star animation

“Best wishes” Colour Confetti animation

Congrats” or “congratulations” – Celebration Balloons animation

“Xo,” “xoxo,” or “xoxoxo” – Hearts animation

“You got this,” “you’ve got this,” or “you can do it” – Thumbs Up animation

 “Wonderful time”- Flowers



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