Facebook redesigns business pages to improve customer interactions

With over 1.6 billion people connected to local businesses and more than 80 million businesses relying on Facebook to increase their¬† online presence and sales, Facebook have announced a number of changes to it’s mobile version of business pages; making it easier for customers to interact and connect with local businesses.

The changes include:


Providing customers with the ability to recommend local businesses and enhance exposure amongst individuals searching or talking about your business.

The recommendations feature allows customers to provide information, photos and add tags about your business to your page.


Users will be able to tap on a call to action button to book, place an order, send a message or write a recommendation.

Business owners will need to specify the appropriate call to action utilising relevant call to action buttons available for their Page Template.

Increased visibility of your story

Visitors to your page will be able to access your recent stories by tapping on the Page profile photo.

Customized business information

Business information such as hours, price ranges, opening times and events and offers (for businesses using the restaurants and services Page Template) will become more prominent.


With over 700 million people using Facebook Events on a monthly basis, Facebook have designed and implemented new ticketing integrations to make it easier for customers to buy tickets via your event.


To help with recruitment, Facebook will be expanding on the jobs feature in the coming months.

Take a look at the video (top right) to get a visual idea of the improvements.