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What is a call to action?

In marketing, a call to action is an instruction to an audience that provokes a response. When using social media, a call to action can be evident in the form of a e.g. ‘Call Now,’ ‘Book Now,’ ‘Buy Now,’ or ‘Visit Website’ button(s).

These prompts ensure that individuals complete an action so that they can get something in return. Call to actions can come in many forms and can be implemented across a variety of platforms including throughout blogs, on your website and throughout email marketing campaigns. They are also available on social media with Facebook providing Business Pages with the ability to choose from a number of options to encourage actions and connections with a Page’s online visitors and followers.

For example, giving a Facebook Business Page a ‘Like,’ ensures that an individual becomes a Follower of a page and is provided with instant access to updates and information, from a particular business that they are interested in.

Creating a call to action on Facebook

Facebook introduced call to actions on Facebook Business Page’s in 2014. When visiting your business page you will find the call to action button at the top right hand screen, on the tool bar located just underneath your cover photo.

There are also other call to action buttons available. These are set by Facebook and prompt visitors to ‘Like’ ‘Follow’ or ‘Share’ your Page. These are automatically created and cannot be changed.

As you can see, I have chosen to use the ‘Send Message’ call to action on the button, so that visitors to my Business Page can message me straight away.

Below is a table of the call to action options available on facebook, to help you decide which call to action you would like to use

BOOK OUR SERVICES Book now Make it easy for people to book travel or an appointment. Add website link to bookings information/form
GET IN TOUCH WITH US Call Now Let people call you with one tap on their phone. Add telephone number
Contact Us Take people to a form on your website to get more sales leads. Add website ‘contact’ page
Send Message Make it easy for people to send your Page a Facebook Message. Encourage users to send messages via Facebook
Sign Up Take people to a form on your website to get more leads and subscribers. Add website address
Send Email Make it easy for people to email you from your Page. Add email address
LEARN MORE ABOUT US Watch Video Take people to a video on Facebook or your website. Add URL you website or your tube with video
Learn More Take people to where they can see more information about your organization. Add URL to website
MAKE A PURCHASE OR DONATION Shop Now Get more people to see and buy products on your website or Page. Add URL to online shop website or donations page
USE OUR APP OR GAME Use App Take people to your app to increase downloads or engagement. Add URL to app
Play Game Let people download or play your game. Add URL to game